About us


Welcome to Royal Green®, the website about exclusive houseplants that stand out through their special leaf colour and elegance. With our plants you get something very special in-house. They are at once both durable and exotic. You need no green thumb for their care. Our plants remain beautiful, even during your holiday!

Allow yourself to be captivated on our website and feel the inspiration bubble up at the sight of these exotic royals with no prima donna tendencies:

Curio Aquarine®Zamioculcas Emerald Palm and Zamioculcas Raven.


Entering the greenhouses of Nursery Van Winden, one imagines being in the jungle. But do not be fooled; this ultramodern potted-plant grower uses the latest techniques. Van Winden know what they cultivate, and for whom. Their elegant, firm plants can stand a good deal and flourish without requiring much attention.

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