Zamioculcas – Emerald Palm

Even without a green thumb you can show off this special houseplant. The Emerald Palm has a deep dark green leaf that shines beautifully. He is easily satisfied and does not care about a sip of water more or less.


Preferably less than more. That is the slogan of the Emerald Palm. Not too much water, and at most once a month a bit of plant food. Moreover, you can put this extremely strong plant anywhere. Ideal for public spaces, offices and dormitories.

The Zamioculcas originally grows in Tanzania and on the island of Zanzibar. There he is used to rocky soil and dry periods. Like a camel, the plant stores water in its thickened stems and tubers. In times of drought he addresses this stockpile.

Handy for the keepers, because they can without worry take a holiday. No drooping leaves on return, but a strong, shiny plant!

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