Zamioculcas - RAVEN

Zamioculcas has a tried and tested status as a rugged greenhouse plant. It’s time to meet this remarkable dark variety! Zamioculcas Raven is a new addition to the Zamioculcas family, where it stands out with its black leaves and natural colour progression.

zamioculcas raven01

Strong statement in any space!

The shiny, black feathered leaves of Zamioculcas Raven remind you of the impressive large bird from which the plant derives its name. Being so strong, Raven feels equally at home in a modern living room, chaotic student flat or packed open plan office.

A real feature plant with few demands.

Zamioculcas Raven can also cope with an owner who is a slightly ‘forgetful waterer’. If it hasn’t had any water for a while it will just rely on the reserves that it stores in its roots and rhizomes!

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