Curio Mount Everest

The Mount Everest variety (officially called Curio Ficiodes Mount Everest) is a compact plant that is easy to look after. This powerhouse particularly stands out thanks to its grey-blue colour. Curio Mount Everest is grown exclusively by Kwekerij Van Winden and is available in pot sizes 15 and 17 cm

Want to know more about Curio?

Curios are members of the large group of Senecio (ragwort) plants, of which there are over 1300 species (in all sorts of shapes). The Curio is best described as a modern succulent with faded natural tones. Its roots in South Africa (Cape Town and the surrounding area) mean that the plant is accustomed to dry regions and lots of sunshine. The greyish blue layer of wax on the cylindrical leaves give the plant an unusual modern look. You can place Curio both indoors and outdoors. The plant thrives at temperatures between 5° and 30°C, but will not shed leaves at higher temperatures either (even at 40°C!). It’s best not to overwater your Curio.