Curio Blues

A remarkable newcomer! This new exclusive Cure variety is particularly special thanks to the more delicate and longer leaves compared to the other Curio varieties. Curio ficiodes Blues has a more compact structure and lots of branching, creating an attractively full product. This shows off the cool blue sheen across the plant even better. We supply Curio Blues in a 15 cm pot size.

Want to know more about Curio?

Curio belongs to the large group of Ficoides-like plants (herbaceous plants), of which there are as many as 1,300 species (in various forms). The Curio is best described as a modern succulent with grayish natural tones. Raised in South Africa (Cape Town and surroundings), the plant is familiar with dry areas and lots of sunshine.

The gray-blue wax layer on the cylindrically shaped leaves gives the plant a particularly modern look. Curio can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The plant thrives at temperatures between 5˚ and 30˚C, but will not drop a leaf at higher temperatures (even at 40˚C!). It is best not to water your Curio too much.