Echeveria Devotion

Echeveria Devotion steals the show! Not just in your home, but also literally, since this plant won an international prize for ‘Houseplant of the Year’ in 2020. Echeveria Devotion has warm claret and green leaves that feel velvet soft. A real stunner! Grown exclusively by Kwekerij Van Winden in a 15 cm pot size.

The Echeveria originates from the Mexican desert, where botanist Antansio Echeveria discovered the succulent in the 19th century.

Because it’s a succulent, the plant can cope very well with drought and heat. It stores water in its leaves, stems and roots to build up its own buffer. So you don’t need to water Echeveria very often! This plant is at home in your living room, in the garden or on a patio or balcony.