Hanging Baskets

Looking for a colourful feature to brighten up your garden? How about a flowering Hanging Basket? These mixed bowls filled with various types of spring bloomers that together make up a colourful display. We create beautiful combinations of different products, so that we can supply no less than six different types of Hanging Baskets. Our Hanging Baskets have an impressive 27 cm diameter.

Each bowl has a handy water reservoir, so that you don’t need to water them as often. Easy care! The Royal Colours Hanging Baskets are a blooming gift, ideal for occasions such as Mother’s Day. It’s easy to hang the Hanging Baskets, because each bowl has a handy hook.


When hanging your Hanging Basket, choose a sheltered spot so that it doesn’t get battered by the wind. A position in sunlight is no problem – the plants actually like it!