The Royal Green®

Hello world The Royal Green® line means both luxury and durability at once. An appealing combination for the contemporary attentive plant lover. Durable exotics with a stylish look for both traditional and contemporary living. The plants of the Royal Green® line are easy to recognize due to their vivid appearance and striking design label.

Pamper yourself with a royal plant from Royal Green® or feel free to present him as a gift. We guarantee long-lasting enjoyment with minimum maintenance effort.


Nursery Van Winden carry sustainable cultivation in high esteem. We produce green power, save the daytime heat in heat buffers, and re-use this heat at night. Water is recirculated 100%. Where possible we also use biological control agents for plant protection.

Our nursery meets the current applicable requirements in terms of environmental and social aspects. These requirements are monitored and certified by MPS-ECAS. We have the following three MPS certificates: MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS Socially Qualified.


Shiny green as far as the eye reaches. Entering the greenhouses of Nursery Van Winden, one imagines being in the jungle. But do not be fooled; this ultramodern potted-plant grower uses the latest techniques. Van Winden know what they cultivate, and for whom. Their elegant, firm plants can stand a good deal and need no green thumb, but flourish without requiring much attention.


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